Search Waterfront Property on Richland Chambers Lake, TX

Richland Chambers Lake is located primarily in southeastern Navarro County.  With approximately 44, 000 acres of water, Richland Chambers Lake is the third largest lake within the boundaries of the State of Texas.  The lake is fed by two core lakes, Navarro Mills and Bardwell Reservoir.  With water governing from Tarrant Regional Water District, Richland Chambers is the perfect lake for you and your family to make home!

Can We Help? 

Dreaming of living the waterfront lifestyle?  Richland Chambers Lake is the place for you!  Full waterfront development is welcome; you can build a pier, a boathouse, a retaining wall and even a sidewalk.  What's the best part?  You can even water your landscape directly from Richland Chambers Lake!  With 330 miles of shoreline Richland Chambers Lake is the place for your to live your waterfront dream.

Richland Chambers Waterfront Homes