Richland Chambers Lake Frequently Asked Questions 

Richland Chambers Lake is the 3rd largest lake in the boundaries of the State of Texas. It is 44,000 Acres of water with 330 miles of shoreline.

 General Lake Information

  • Where is Richland Chambers Lake?
    Richland Chambers is located in Southeastern Navarro county and stretches into Northern Freestone County. Corsicana is the closest 'big' town and is 20 to 30 minutes from most places on the lake.  The lake is Y shaped and it is about 15 miles down US 287 from I45 to the bridge in the center of the lake area.
  • Who is the governing authority for Richland Chambers Lake?
    Tarrant Regional Water District is the lake authority.  They built and maintain the reservior.  You can find lots of information on their website
  • How is Richland Chambers different from an Army Corps of Engineers Lake?
    The primary difference is that on Richland Chambers you own to what is known as the 315' line (also known as the 'Pool Level' or "Conservation Level) In simple terms when the lake is full you own to the water's edge.  On a 'Corp' Lake there is an easement between your property line and the water often of 100 or more feet.
  • Does Richland Chambers Flood?
    The 315' line is full. Tarrant Regional enforces a flood easement up to 320'  This is sometimes referred to as the 'build line'.  No structures except for boathouses are allowed below the 320' line.

  • How high does the water get before it goes over the dam?
    The dam is 8 miles long and has a 447 foot spillway with 24 gates that release water when necessary into the Trinity River.  Water can be let out of the lake very quickly, ideally water does not go over the dam. 


Building on Richland Chambers Lake

  • How close can I build to the water?
    That depends on where the 320' line falls on your property.  If you are considering purchasing property on Richland Chambers alway be sure you are aware of where the 320' line is on the property. 

  • Is there a time limit to build?
    There are no time limits to build on Richland Chambers. There are several dozen subdivision on the lake and none of them have a time limit in which you have to build.  You can go ahead and build your boathouse first, use and enjoy it before you build a home or even if you decide to not build a home.

  • Are there building restrictions?
    Yes, there are building restrictions. Navarro County has zoned an area covering 5000 ft from the shore of the lake with the "Navarro County Lakeshore Area Improvement Zoning Ordinance".  This governs development in the lake area. Also the majority of properties on the lake are in subdivisions and are subject to the subdivisions Deed Restrictions.
  • What about a Boat House?
    TRWD does allow for boathouse construction.  The footprint of your boathouse (size) depends on how much linear feet of shoreline your property has. The formula can be found at:

  • How far out can my boathouse go?
    It depends on the individual lot.  Several factors go into determining how far out you can go including your neighbors boat house (if present), water depth, cove width and others.  A local boathouse contractor can help you understand what can be built on a piece of property you may be considering.
  • Do I need a retaining wall?
    This again depends on the shoreline of individual property as well as your own preferences.  Retaining walls on Richland Chambers are constructed from different materials, rip rap, treated timbers, concrete and steel panels. The most common type you will see on Richland Chambers is driven steel panels.  Many property owners will then construct a sidewalk running along the top of the wall.  This really cleans up your shoreline and also helps prevent erosion and wall failure.  Local boathouse contractors also build retainer walls as much of the same equipment is used for boat house construction.
  • What is a boat slip lot?
    A boat slip lot is a lot in The Shores on Richland Chambers that comes with a lifetime lease for a slip in the Marina at The Shores.  The Shores has a private marina adjacent to the clubhouse facilities.  Some lot owners purchased a lifetime license for an individual slip when they purchased their lot. Boat Slip Licenses in The Shores Marina can only be held by property owners in The Shores.


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